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LibreSymbols is a set of gallery symbols for LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice. To get an idea what you can do with this extension, please have a look at the following examples.





Download the extension file from this website.

A click or double-click, depending on your system, will open LibreOffice. Follow the instructions to install the extension. Restart LibreOffice to complete the installation process.

Alternatively you can install the extension via the "Extension Manager". To open the "Extension Manager", start LibreOffice and choose in the menu Extras > Extension Manager... This approach works even if your operating system doesn't associate the extension file with LibreOffice.


The symbols in LibreSymbols are aligned to a 0.25 cm grid. To set up the grid, start LibreOffice, choose in the menu Extras > Options... the "Options" dialog will appear. Choose on the left side LibreOffice Draw > Grid. Now you can set the grid resolution to 0.25 cm x 0.25 cm.


Start LibreOffice, open the "Gallery" by clicking on the "Gallery" icon. You can drag 'n' drop symbols from the "Gallery" into your drawing. Usually the best way to connect symbols isn't by using simple lines but the "Connector" tool.




  • Uwe Homm